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Last Site Update was on 10/10/2014


In case you haven’t noticed.  I have not updated anything in years here.  Cannot activate on Page Plus at all anymore.  Your phone can only be activated on Globalstar.  The GSP-1600 still works great and is a tank so use it while you can.


Otherwise, the site is just up.  I will one day end my godaddy hosting so at that point the site will die off.  I will archive it.  Thanks for all of you who worked with me on stuff.  Glad I was able to help those that needed.






Looks like Page Plus has decided to jump the gun on blocking foreign ESN’s.  I can no longer activate non Verizon handsets on Page Plus.


Update.  I cannot activate any longer on Page Plus as they have changed the way they are doing it.  We have until Dec to activate non Verizon Phones to Page Plus and have them Grandfathered in.

So.  Heres what to do.  You have to call Page Plus, Purchase a Plan and they will activate you.  You must Ask for the MIN and MDN (2 phone numbers) and the Sid.


Provide those for me and I will get you programming instructions asap.  I charge 10 dollars for my time.





We are still activating Page Plus on Globalstar phones (and many others) however it seems the Ride is coming to an end.  I have been told and still waiting for final confirmation on the date that as of 12/31/14, there can no longer be any foreign ESN/MEID’s on Verizons network.  If it wasn’t a Verizon phone, it will not be on Page Plus.  Current lines will be grandfathered in, but if you let your account lapse, they will NOT reactivate you.

So, get your phones activated while you can!

I am still doing it!  Send me your ESN hex and dec as well as your zipcode after verifying you have verizon signal to brad@satphonebrad.com   You will receive an invoice for 10.00 for my service.     Thank You






We are still activating phones on Page Plus.  Do yourself a favor and do not try to activate it with Page Plus first or it will become a bigger issue for me to do for you.  IF you do.. Ask them for the MIN/MDN (2 separate phone numbers) or I cannot activate for you as I cannot view account information.

If you Haven’t tried yourself, perfect.  Email me.  Brad@satphonebrad.com your DEC and HEX ESN from under the battery and your zip code AFTER you have tested you do indeed have signal when you hit Menu 8 7 3.  If you cannot get signal, feel free to email me for some ideas.

This only works in the United States and this does NOT give you satellite coverage.  You must activate with Globalstar for that.

More info here http://satphonebrad.com/get-your-globalstar-gsp-1600-activated-on-page-plus-through-us/






Hello All.  I have been very sick and in and out of the hospital lately.  Anyone I have missed getting activated, I am very sorry.  I am back feeling 90% and able to get your phones activated.  Please drop me a email if you have the need to get your Globalstar phone activated on the Cellular side.





Good News!  If you want the cellular side of your GSP-1600 Active, and you live in a area with Verizon 850mhz Service. We can activate handsets again with Page Plus cellular.  10 dollars and that includes 2.00 for testing of your handset before you buy Minutes or a Plan (I prefer the 12.00 a month plan myself)

Please see http://satphonebrad.com/get-your-globalstar-gsp-1600-activated-on-page-plus-through-us/  for more info

We can also activate just about any handset on Page Plus thats CDMA and Verizon compatible. (They have banned Alltel handsets but I have had no issues activating Motorola M800’s from Altel to date.)  If you have a handset and all you need is it activated, email me and I can get you activated for 5.00

We are accepting paypal again.




Well I have decided to add some new stuff to the site and turn from a Strictly Globalstar site to a Rural Communications site.  I have done some experimenting with some New OLD equipment and will be devoting some pages to it.


Currently I have replaced my Globalstar car setup with a Motorola M800 digital CDMA Bag Phone..   But.. Bag Phones suck.. so I have stripped it out of the bag and set it up in place of my SatPhone and have activated it on Page Plus Cellular (verizon prepaid) on the 12.00 a month plan.  With some antenna adaptors I ordered from China super cheap, I have installed a external mag mount antenna and have excellent coverage.  This also leaves my smart phone avail to act as my GPS and I can use the car phone to call as needed.

So Far.  I’m pretty happy with it.  More to come including Pictures.

Also for those of you who want GSM coverage instead of CDMA or your in a place without CDMA, there is also the Motorola M900 (Check the Frequencies before you buy one!)

and sadly theres the Motorola m710 Iden phone I would love to have had if there was still Iden.. Sprint I still hate you for that.

I am looking to dabble with other Satellite setups as well..  but I think I will be working more with Rural communications.  Both Phone and Data.  As where I live in Northern Arizona, there are very few providers.  I am also working on building my workshop to a off the grid setup and plan to integrate my projects to also work with that power setup.


More to come soon.




We have sold out of all of our current Satellite Phone stock.  I do not plan to buy any more phones until Globalstar gets their act together and starts charging more logical prices on their plans.


I had a 5 min call today.  And it dropped.  Should I be charged some absorbent per min charge for that.. I don’t think so.  And until that changes I will not be selling anymore phones unless I just come across some new stock I have to buy….



We are sold out…  Thank You




We have still have in stock a GSP1600 and a Car Kit that was installed in my Jimmy.  Fully working.  Includes handset(like on a good old car phone, a lot on ebay do not).  I am selling them as a set for 200.00 + 20 for shipping anywhere in the US.  Elsewhere just email me your address so I can look up shipping.  The car kit is not in a bag like some are on ebay but I do still have the bag and if you really want it that way, I’ll take the time to reassemble it into a carry kit.


If you do not want the complete kit, then its 80.00 for the handset +15.00 shipping  and the car kit is 150.00 + 20.00 shipping.  The handset can include activating on Page Plus for free as well for cellular service.  If you need a car charger as well I have them in stock, 15.00 each.

Credit cards accepted and Phone call will happen to take your number. I do not do transactions via email when credit card numbers are involved.  No Paypal.



All Sales Final.


Good news.  I can activate you on Page Plus again   yay..  Unfortunately I’m still discontinuing my Globalstar plan.  So I can help you if you want Verizon activated on your handset (via Page Plus Cellular)

Send me a email  brad@satphonebrad.com






I called Globalstar last week to discuss what Plan they have tossed me on since the end of contract.  They claimed I will stay on the Evolution III Plan on a Month to Month basis until March of 2014.  Hey Sounded Great.  Figured I can handle that.  39.99 + tax as I have had for the last 12 months..

Well Lets backtrack a month, well 2, I was charged on my credit card 2 months ago (I prepaid for a year when starting) and I had a card stolen so I changed it.  When I got the bill in the mail, I went online, saw my cc was the old card and updated it, and paid the bill.  No big deal.

The next month the Bastards charged me a 25.00 Bounce fee like I hot checked them!

Moving onto this month.  I get a charge (before the bill of course) for 57.58  over 11 dollars more than normal.  Why?  Just because they feel like charging 49.99 for their still not perfect service.

I called Globalstar today.  Gave my account info and was asked why I wanted to cancel.  Told her exactly why.. Did they try to make it right, did they say anything?  Nope.  Your account will be closed on April 15th, the end of your billing cycle.


Thank you Globalstar for your Shitty Customer Service.   Thank You however for having ENGLISH SPEAKING AS A FIRST LANGUAGE Customer service clients.  That is 1 thing I can say you excel with.

Its been fun while it lasted.  Good Bye Globalstar.


For those of you who end up here looking for help.  I will gladly help how ever I can.  But I am no longer going to remain a customer of Globalstar.

I’m willing to trade off my equipment for a nice Verizon Samsung S3 Android phone if anyone has one.  I have 2 Globalstar GSP-1600’s and a Car kit!  Smoking deal for someone in need.

Have a different Verizon Samsung Phone?  Maybe a Fascinate?  I’ll trade you a handset for one straight across.

Send me a email.  brad@satphonebrad.com






Globalstar has changed their pricing plans.  They are horible in my opinion.

I am going to be canceling my plan and selling off my equipment and closing the site a few months later.  Its been fun while it lasted.

I have a car kit and a nice gsp-1600 I will be posting for sale soon.


Thanks to all and it was great using Globalstar even if it was subpar with satellite losses.




Been at the ER for myself and My soon to be delivering wife.  Don’t expect many updates in Feb due to this.


Globalstar had a successful launch and we should see the first 2 of the new satellites active by March 1st!  yay.


I will no longer be supporting Page Plus activation’s for ANY handsets EXCEPT for a GSP-1600’s.(Globalstar Handset)  This INCLUDES iPhones!  Please stop asking.  See http://www.pagepluscellular.com/  for Page Plus Info.




Trying to play catch up with the site.  We should soon see 100% uptime with Globalstar.  Hopefully we won’t see MAJOR Price Changes….




Final Launch Will Complete Deployment of World’s First Second-Generation Constellation of LEO Satellites

Covington, LA , January 25 2013- Globalstar, Inc. (OTCBB:GSAT) today announced that its fourth launch of six second generation satellites has been confirmed for February 5, 2013 at the following time:

10:20 p.m. Baikonur time
08:20 p.m. Moscow time
05:20 p.m. Paris time
11:20 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
10:20 a.m. Central Standard Time
08:20 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

This will be the fourth and final launch from the Cosmodrome in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, completing Globalstar’s plan to orbit 24 second-generation satellites.  Globalstar has previously launched 18 second-generation satellites in launches that occurred on October 19, 2010, July 13, 2011 and December 28, 2011.  Globalstar has placed into commercial service all of the previously launched second-generation satellites.

The February 5th launch is the last launch necessary to fully restore Globalstar’s Duplex service to the high level of quality that Globalstar’s customers have historically enjoyed.  Globalstar’s second-generation satellites were designed and manufactured by Thales Alenia Space with a service life of fifteen years, twice that of Globalstar’s first-generation satellites.

Globalstar’s launch services provider, Arianespace, will utilize the highly reliable Soyuz Fregat launch vehicle.  Globalstar, in association with Arianespace, has previously completed eleven launches utilizing the Soyuz, which is credited with more than 1795 successful launches to date.

All six second-generation satellites for the fourth launch have been fueled and mated to the Dispenser, and the Upper Composite has been transferred to the assembly facility near the launch pad where it will be mated to the Soyuz.

Members of Globalstar’s executive management team, including Anthony Navarra, President of the Space Program, and L. Barbee Ponder, General Counsel and Vice President Regulatory Affairs, will attend the launch.




Sorry all.  Never fails.  Kids have been sick, had one in the ER.. Just been busy for us here.

We do not do iPhone support.  We do not help people to get their iPhones onto Page Plus.  Stating that here so its SEEN.  Thank You.

Onto better news.  Globalstar is just a few weeks away from Launching their last 6 new satellites that will get them back to 100% uptime.  Very excited for that.

Will try to get some more updates done tomorrow..




I have been super swamped with work that I have not been able to do much on the website lately.  As for Page Plus Activation’s, Currently I am recommending people to contact Page Plus directly and for 10.00 you will get activation with 10.00 of airtime.  YOU MUST ASK for your MIN and MDN at time of activation.  If you need programming help further, email me your MIN/MDN and zip-code and I’ll whip up activation instructions for $5.00.  I’ll send you a link for payment.

Will update the site as soon as things slow down a little around here.  Currently working 2 jobs.







Merry Late Christmas to all and Happy New Year.  I have been spending time with my family this week and have not been working on the website.  I have been and will reply to emails as soon as I see them.



Paypal is no longer accepted by Satphonebrad.com  I have had nothing be trouble for the last 2 weeks from them and have been a long time good standing customer of them for over 5 years.  I will be changing the forms on the websites but in the meantime will be processing Credit cards directly over the phone as needed. Email your order to brad@satphonebrad.com and leave a phone number and I’ll call to process.



12/12/12 sale.  Globalstar Satellite phone with Wall Charger or Car Charger 85.00 + 15.00 Shipping. Get a car charge included with the wall charger for 100+15.00 shipping.

Don’t be caught without signal!   1 day only.

email brad@satphonebrad.com for info or to order.




We have moved our Email to our domain finally and are moving over to a new Paypal account just for SatPhoneBrad.com

Email has changed to brad@satphonebrad.com



Cyber Monday brings deals even at SatPhoneBrad.com   2 remaining handsets will be on sale.

$75.00+15.00 shipping.  Quality GSP-1600 handset and wall charger or Car charger.  Your choice!  20.00 more for both.

From right now, 6PM MST until 6pm Cyber Monday 11/26/12

eMail for the deal.  and Like us on Facebook.







Forums are working again.. This time there should be no more problems getting registered and Spam should be eliminated as well.  All accounts are now going to require me to activate them. Register, I will get a email and If I see your not a spam bot, I will activate your account and await your posts.       Sorry for the issue but I don’t want any spam issues like before.




Congrats to those of you who took advantage of our Halloween sale.  We sold almost all of our stock!  But don’t worry I still have a few phones in stock for anyone who is in the market to purchase a satphone!  See http://satphonebrad.com/for-sale/   for our Satphones order page.




For the next week only, our Halloween special.  Orders must be done by email as our form charges full price.  Get a GSP-1600 with a Car Charger or Home Charger for 65.00 + 15.00 Shipping.  AND  For 5.00 more, I’ll activate it on Page Plus Cellular as well!!  Sale ends Nov 3rd!  Email now! brad@satphonebrad.com



FOR SALE.  Motorola Startac’s on Verizon! (well Page Plus)  See http://satphonebrad.com/for-sale-motorola-startac-with-page-plus-service-active-on-verizon/  for more info.



Our Chat Forums are now back online!  Replaced the software in hopes the keep Spam away.

http://satphonebrad.com/forum/   Is where you can find it.  Please ask all questions there.


Due to many People emailing about activating non Satellite phones on Page Plus Cellular I have created a new page just for activating non GSP-1600’s on Page Plus. See http://satphonebrad.com/activate-any-verizon-phone-on-page-plus-prepaid-verizon-prepaid/



Current Project has been shelved do to moving/working/family life..  However I have located a product of interest.


150 bucks and will need adapters for our handsets but seems like the ticket.  Hope to buy one by next month.


ALSO..  I have a popup blocker on my web browser almost all the time and it also blocks ads from a lot of sites.  Including mine.  I didn’t realize I still had some BS ad’s I was testing to make a few $ with that never made a cent.  I have since deleted all from my site and will not be replacing them.  My apologizes.  However I have put a cool new Tracker in the footer of the site that will track from what state/country this site gets visitors in.  Excited to see the traffic 🙂



Today I did a ESN switch from my old Rain drenched handset to a Spare that I had just so I feel better knowing it won’t rust and fail on me when I need it most.

After doing the ESN switch, Globalstar had me change some of the programming from the stock settings that seem to really make a difference in signal for my handset.

See http://satphonebrad.com/manual-programming-satellite-number-into-gsp-1600/ for more info on what was done and if it would apply to you.



Not directly from Page Plus and Not 100% but Can guarantee if you see Verizon on A or B band 850mhz on these pages in your area, you will have coverage.





Purchase a GSP-1600 directly from our website.


Activate your GSP-1600 on Page Plus with us




9/11/12  So after my OMG mistake with the phone getting drowned (see below) I had a idea for a mod I wanted to try.  One of the cool things about the GSP-1700 (from reading only, never used one yet) is that it can get satellite signal while stowed in your bag (crappy signal I’m sure)  and any of you know that when you have your antenna folded the phone will not search for satellite signal.  So tonight I decided that My phones on borrowed time anyway, why not try to mod it to work like the 1700.  I removed the plastic slider that tells the phone if the antenna is up or not and set it for up all the time.  Placed the phone on my window sill folded up and it found signal.  Will take it for a test on my next bike ride in my back pack.  Very happy to try this out.

Oh and so far the battery that was dunked dried and charged like a champ.  discharging it now and monitoring its life. so far, hour into it, going strong.



9/10/12 Big Hiccup with Godaddy today caused our server and thousands of others to be offline off and on.  Hopefully that is resolved.

9/10/12 – Thought I had the worst thing happen ever to me yesterday.  Got a call from my wife telling me my son found my Sat Phone in the backyard, in a puddle that has been rained on and drowned for 3 days!!  Somehow my phone never came in from a BBQ and some testing and no one noticed it missing.  I need to keep less phones on my desk so I would have noticed it right away!  I thought for sure it was a done deal.  Dissassembled the entire unit, Drained the water from everywhere.  Dried it very carefully.  Put eveything back together and used a different battery (old one was still dripping) and she fired up.  Made a cellular call just fine.  Walked outside and sat phone worked as it did.  WOW.  Talk about taking some abuse.  Hoping to test the old battery tonight, otherwise it will become a rebuild battery and I’ll get to increase the mAh and test a larger pack for longer talk time.  Hopefully good things come from this mistake 🙂  Just glad I wasn’t having to do a ESN Switch to a new phone.   Glad I have a backup phone too!


NEW!  Get your Satphone (or any cdma phone you may need) Activated with PagePlus Cellular (Verizon Prepaid) Through us!  See this link http://satphonebrad.com/?page_id=62

NEW! We have Sat Phones for Sale!!  Check our For Sale page  http://satphonebrad.com/?page_id=182  Have a few more instock now.  100.00 per unit!  see link above.


9/10/12  After further testing of Globalstar coverage I have found a massive increase of availability of service and am very happy with Globalstar and hope they get more satellites launched soon.  See the announcement below from last month.


New update from Globalstar !!  More satellites launched and ready for service.  Click link to read their announcement.  Great news for service coverage.  We should see a vast improvement over current service starting next month.



I started with Globalstar in March of 2012.  As of July 2012, I already see a extremely noticeable difference in service availability.  Longer call times and much shorter down times.  Extremely happy to see Globalstar is in deed getting the new satellites online. Ignore what other websites may be saying about how bad Globalstar service is, That’s not true.  And if your in the Phoenix area, I’d be happy to demo it to you. 🙂

See Globalstar Available Call times from your location by using their Call Times Tool (only shows 4 days at a time) I prefer the Low Bandwidth version.  http://calltimes.globalstar.com/low_bandwidth/


See the links above for Pages of information stored here.


Looking for Roaming Rates when Not in North America with your Globalstar Phone?  see this link


Please comment with any input you may have on Globalstar info to share.


Watch our current Globalstar project.  We are working on developing a Bluetooth adapter to link your Laptop/Android device via Bluetooth for Internet access via Globalstar.  Can use Laptop/Tablet to send/Receive email, Send/Receive SMS, Web etc.

Chips are on their way and soldering of prototypes has begun.  Once a working prototype is together, I will post pictures and information on the device, Including tested range, what equipment used etc.

If your using your phone on a Yacht, Boat, Backpack, or car, this could be a very valuable addon for your Globalstar 1600 phone.

I am very Impressed with Globalstar service and even with their loss of satellites they are working to get more satellites launched and deployed.  They have 6 new satellites in orbit and have begun activating them into service.  1 new one per month starting with April of 2012.  I have seen a improvement in service and we should see 90% coverage back later this year.

For the cost, You can’t beat Globalstar.

Grab a Used handset on eBay while they are still cheap.  As their service gets closer to 90% their costs will go back up.

I am more than happy to answer any questions I can on globalstar for anyone who would like to know.  I use my phone daily in my Car and am very pleased with it.


Thank you for checking our my site and check back weekly for updates on our projects.


Great news!  With permission of our friends over at  Global Sat Phones we now have a Authorized Globalstar Dealer available for activations  and if you activate with them and tell them that Sat Phone Brad sent you, you will get a discount on the activation fee.  Will have a link to all the info very shortly.  Until then, please check them out at www.globalstarphone.com



Have a globalstar project idea?  Need help to get it going?  If its within my capabilities, I’d like to hear it and see what we can come up with 🙂